According to WARC (World Advertising Research Center) research, packaging with variable data boosts brands ROI x2. Most widely, this technique is used in the food and beverage industry. Today we can produce customized labels for any product, almost on any material.

Numeration with hot foil

Numeration with hot foil is an automated process that allows the assignment of individual numbers to the ready labels in limited editions. Numbers executed in metallic foils emphasize the uniqueness of each product and its value as a collectible.

WEB printing

Digital numbering

Compared to nomeration with hot foil, digital nomeration doesn’t require additional instruments or consumables. It is applied at the printing stage, and gives you the free hand in the choice of fonts, sizes and colors.
Digital nomeration is a particular case of application of variable data technology, that can become the key to the entirely new concept of your product.

WEB printing

Variable data printing

Variable data printing is the new technology that allows you to make customized items in one run, without slowing down the prepress or printing process. The software automatically substitutes the information or imagery from the database in the specified areas.
This approach to packaging brings extraordinary results in marketing and sales. Now your product can speak directly to the consumer, call him by the name, and appeal to his personal values.

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