Hot Foil Stamping

If you need your product to exude elegance and convey perfection, hot foil stamping is the most common and optimal printing finishing technique to be used. It is suitable both for large elements and fine, complex ornaments. Hot foil stamping adds luxury to any printing piece, especially when applied with other embellishments: embossing, lamination, varnishing, screen printing, etc…
Hot foil stamping is also used for numbering products in limited editions to emphasize the unique value of each product in а series.
We are not limited only to several shades of the classic gold, silver and copper foils. In terms of foils we can offer you extravagant sparkling colors, pigmented, holographic and security materials. Special protective foils, branded with your logo or warning signs, can be supplied upon request too.
By using hot foil stamping we shall boost your product’s appeal and make it stand out with lustrous effects, catching the eye of even the most demanding buyer.

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Hot Foil Stamping

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