Do you have a price list available?

Each inquiry is considered individually with regards to the quantity, colors, size, type and weight of the printing material and the additional finishing techniques.

What is the minimum order quantity?

As a common rule, more is better. If you plan to use 120 000 labels in one year, it is better to order the whole quantity at once than to place an order for 6 000 pieces every two weeks. And if your business expands so that your needs grow up to 12 000 000 units a year for example, you will probably like how your price per label changes. However, we also produce luxury packaging and labels for customers who need very small quantities – sometimes only up to 100 pieces.

What is the best material for labels?

The best material for a label is always the one which is most suitable for your application. We use diverse papers, polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials to produce labels and other kinds of packaging. Even one perfectly finished self-adhesive label with the wrong choice of glue or missing protective varnish finish, means poor performance. An essential part of our service is the development of the best construction according to your design and in compliance with the requirements for application.

What are your requirements for submitting files for printing?

The file submitted for printing must meet the requirements described in the Requirements for print files section.

I have a lot of information that I would like to include in the label but the space is not enough. Do you have a solution?

The best way to deal with such a challenge is to use multi-layer or multi-page labels. We are really good at their production and we can offer you different sizes and shapes.

How many labels are in one roll?

Following your specifications, we shall make the rolls in the size you need. For machine labeling application we must know the spool size that is right for your machine. Some machines have restrictions on the inner and outer diameters of the rolls that can be mounted. When labeling process is done by hand, other details like weight and size of the roll should be taken into consideration.

How long can we store the labels manufactured by you?

Most specifications provided by the printing material suppliers limit the expiry date of the printing items up to two years. However, it also depends on many additional conditions – the temperature at which you store the labels, the humidity to which they are exposed, the packaging of the products.

Do the labels fall off the bottles after we put them in a freezer?

If your products need to be stored in a freezer, make sure you notify us in advance and we shall offer you the best material for your labels with the appropriate adhesive that works below the sub-zero temperature. Most label adhesives freeze tightly, and when they harden, this impairs their adhesive properties. However, there is a solution for every problem and if necessary, we will offer you the appropriate materials in full compliance with your requirements.