Besides its well-known protective function, varnish coatings offer a great variety of impressive visual and sensory effects that highlight particular parts of the design, adding volume, shine and vibrancy to the printed image. By mixing different types of varnishing techniques, we can achieve interesting effects and increase the impact of the product. The results can be improved even further by using varnishes with different composition and particles added- pearls or abrasives. It is all up to your choice.
Our experts will recommend to you the optimal combination of varnish coatings that will make your product astoundingly impressive not only in appearance, but also in touch.

Relief Spot UV Varnish

WEB printing

Initially tactile varnish has been used as an economical alternative to embossing. Compared to embossing however, this embellishment can emphasize smaller elements adding to them glossy or matte effect, depth and detail.
Printing in Braille is one of its applications that is worth mentioning. We use it with great success both in self-adhesive and multi-page label production for various industries.

Spot UV Varnish with sand effect

WEB printing

By using spot UV varnish coating, in addition to the common 3-dimensional glossy effect, we can achieve different types of textures.
In Colina label the texture of the raw limestone and shell is emphasized by applying special varnish with sand effect. It increases the perceived value of the product without impairing the clarity of the detailed image.