Integration of self-adhesive materials with diverse structures

Sometimes the design of a label requires a different approach like combining self-adhesive materials with diverse textures: the pearl shimmer of special wine paper matching the presence of natural material with a noble matte surface; the delicacy of transparent foil accompanied by the massive density of a component with a metallic effect, etc. We, at DARS, make the production of such projects possible.

Our modern technological equipment, knowledge and good printing practices allow us to combine different types of materials on glassine, resulting in one complex label on a roll. Value-added bonuses in this case are: precise application and saving money and time during the labeling process.

The process offers almost unlimited opportunities for the realization of the designer’s ideas and projects. “Zurichtale” label is an excellent example of this printing technique. The combination of relief wine paper material with an element of natural wood emphasizes the high quality of wine aged in oak barrels.

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Integration of self-adhesive materials with diverse structures

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