Packaging for the Food industry

Advertising materials, Boxes and packaging, Labels

Packaging for the food infustry becomes more and more competitive, not only in terms of esthetic but also i terms of susteinability and safety . We, at DARS, offer you solutions that will answer all the chalanges.

We design appealing packaging - and ,, Nena" products in the images below are the perfect example. We print on food approved materials and use low-migraton inks and lacquers. That means that interaction with substances from packaging is reduced to a minimum even on direct contact with food.

If you need a Label that performs perfectly in Extreme conditions: High or Low temperatures, High humidity, fatty surfaces - we have solutions.

We also produce smart multipage labels that help place extended texts on scarce serfaces and provider easier mechanics for ppromotions.

Talk us about your packaging conserns : We have just the right solution for your product.