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Completed is the first European combined installation of AccurioJetKM-1e, MGI JETvarnish 3D Web, MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution in Dars - one of the most successful companies in the label and packaging sector in Bulgaria 


PRINTING SHOP DARS , with production facilities and headquarters in Burgas, is one of the largest manufacturers of labels and packaging in Bulgaria. Since its foundation, DARS has focused its production on the wine and beverage sector. From there, years of development followed, in which the company constantly strived to introduce the most innovative technologies and processes in the label and packaging sectors. This is the reason why DARS is the first printing house that manages to offer a number of innovative final products to the Bulgarian market. Some of the company's achievements in this direction are:

  • The printing house is one of the first in the country to use hot stamping, gold powder, UV varnishing to add value to the final products, that DARS offers its customers since 1996.
  • DARS introduces booklet labels to the Bulgarian market (since 2005).
  • Investments in innovative finishing technologies in 2018 also lead to the market introduction of cardboard packaging with a natural cork coating.

The pursuit of high goals is highly appreciated by various institutions. Over the years, many awards have been won in various categories by FINAT – the European Association of Self-adhesive Label Manufacturers, of which the company has been a member since 2011. The recognition of customers, partners, employees and the industry as a whole is the most essential driving force for the owners. Their mission is to offer ever more innovative and distinctive products, keeping the customers at the center of everything - their level of satisfaction and loyalty is of the utmost importance to the team of professionals at DARS.


Following market trends, the DARS management unit decided to invest in digital printing machines and finishing operations. After a long study of the existing alternatives on the market, Konica Minolta Bulgaria, a leader in solutions for production and industrial printing, is the final choice for a supplier of digital equipment, that will complement the production capacities of the printing house.

Konica Minolta Bulgaria and Dars managed to install and put into operation 3 of the most serious digital machines in terms of format and capabilities in the Konica Minolta portfolio:  AccurioJet KM-1e   LED UV inkjet printing system,  MGI Jetvarnish 3D  Evolution  - the perfect complement for varnish and foil of the KM-1e sheet media and respectively  MGI JETvarnish 3D Web  – Konica Minolta's roll solution, which by reinforcing the elements can make every label a gift of experience.



The combined installation offers DARS new  opportunities for the production of products that over time become more and more unsuitable for conventional technologies - with digital technologies, the need for preliminary preparations, consideration of the size of the circulation and the presence of well-trained operators is eliminated, preserves and often improves the bottom line of print run completion. 

DARS has an extremely rich and diverse machinery park, which manages to provide customers with an enviable selection of products and services. After considering all the alternatives, DARS chose  the AccurioJet KM-1e for multiple reasons and advantages of the technology. In pursuit of a greater variety of different applications, new capabilities, customized jobs on demand and adding value to the customer with quality comparable to  offset, the AccurioJet KM-1e is a logical new addition to the printing infrastructure of the Burgas company. Lead time is of the essence for him. Extremely time-sensitive jobs fit into the AccurioJet KM-1e's speed of operation, which is one of the key factors in choosing the technology. In addition, the superior print quality and UV ink, which does not require pre-treated paper for more complex jobs, play a major role. The ability to work with a wide variety of media is a great advantage for the print shop due to its specialized production. The system supports media thicknesses from 0.06 to 0.6 mm, working with transparent film, metallized media, canvas and embossed paper included. The larger media format, enabling a print size of 585mm x 750mm, is crucial for the packaging sector. This also allows for the reduction of waste in assignments. All of the above, combined with high productivity, a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and a wide color gamut, will lead to an increase in the company's production efficiency, which is the main goal of any company in the sector. 

The AccurioJet KM-1e is among Dars' production facilities

MGI Jetvarnish 3D Evolution,  on the other hand, is the ideal complement to the inkjet system. Here the format is 52 x 105 cm, with the varnish coating ranging between 7 and 232 microns. Lay-up precision is ensured by the proven Konica Minolta print heads, and flawless registration relies on an artificial intelligence scanner (AIS Scanner) that scans in real time every sheet that enters the machine, analyzes it and automatically applies the necessary corrections to achieve perfect registration. This ensures that the varnish layer is in the exact location as intended in the file fed to the machine. It works with key points that are algorithmically determined by the software. Enriched final products printed on the AccurioJet KM-1e and enriched thanks to MGI JETvarnish quickly and easily attract the attention of the audience with embossed images and reinforced elements. 

MGI Jetvarnish 3D Evolution in Dars

In addition to the digital production of labels and packaging, the printing house also sees sense in acquiring roll technology for the digital enrichment of products on a roll. The food, chemical and cosmetic industries served by DARS are on the rise, and so are the labels and packaging that feed it. These are industries where the competition is extremely high and only the appearance can give added value to the customer and competitive advantage to the manufacturer. DARS always offers uncompromising products for any inquiries. This is the reason why a printing house of this rank also turns to digital print enhancement, which saves time and resources compared to conventional methods.  MGI JETvarnish 3D Web  complements the range of digital technologies at DARS, aiming to support the optimization process of internal processes.

The newly installed MGI JETvarnish 3D Web in the production room of the first Bulgarian printing house that will work with MGI roll technology The
digital solution of Konica Minolta and MGI is a roll solution for manufacturers of labels or flexible packaging and offers, like the other members of the family, 2D and 3D application of UV selective varnish, embossed foiling (hot stamping), die-cutting. It offers perfect registration through an AIS scanner, with a speed of up to 42 m/min. and the ability to create different thicknesses from 7 to 232 microns per varnish. It guarantees higher flexibility of the production process without screens, clichés and machine preparation, faster delivery times and personalization. Self-adhesive coated, uncoated and textured paper, film or label can be used.

With Konica Minolta's new digital machines in its production workshops, DARS saves preparation time, eliminates waste, has the ability to work with variable data and provides a fully finished end product with excellent quality and appearance that will not leave any end user indifferent .

"Konica Minolta is proud to partner with DARS, one of the leading manufacturers of labels and packaging in Bulgaria. AccurioJet KM-1e will provide the highest quality of digital printing on the market, while MGI technology will help them stay in the minds of their customers as one of the most creative representatives in the sector" concludes Dragomir Milushev, Head of Direct Sales in Konica Minolta Bulgaria. ". The strongest representatives of Konica Minolta's industrial portfolio will certainly help to defend the market positions won by DARS, as well as to conquer new markets, and we will do our best for this."




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